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eTwinning Project 2016-2017: Thinking Outside the Bin!

We all have multiple rubbish bins crowding our lives: bins in kitchens, in bathrooms and several other sites. Some countries do have serious recycling habits; other countries less so! Unless it is recycled or reused, waste will all end up in a landfill. Landfills take up the space of our natural resources. Each individual must be responsible to prevent natural resources from becoming exhausted. This project aims at encouraging participants and project guests to embark on zero-waste living. It will explore ways of how waste can be converted into a treat. Are you ready to treat yourselves? We are…!!

The above paragraph explains the theme of our project.  Students are learning about ways of reducing accumulation of waste in our landfills. They have also researched, and actually created, objects from material that is usually thrown away. The following image shows one of the activities currently underway…a greenhouse! This is being done by our Year 11 students.


2017-01-13 13.38.16

The following link guides you to our weekly blog which records the progress of this project: Thinkingoutsidethebin Blog

All the students who attend eTwinning club activities regularly have been awarded a book, gently donated by the National Support Service eTwinning Malta.

2016-12-21 08.42.25

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