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Erasmus+ students on an exchange visit to Graz, Austria

Between the 7th December and the 14th of December 2019, a group of 17 students together with 3 teachers and 2 members of the SMT had the opportunity to visit Austria thanks to an Erasmus Plus funded project – “Evolving Patterns of Diversity”. This is the second year of our project and this time our mobility week was focused more on traditions concerning Christmas. Apart from the different visits that our students had the opportunity to experience, various workshops and snow sports, the most striking experience was the impact on the students’ character formation. We tend to think that such experiences focus on the student’s educational development, which is a fact, but very little we as adults realize the impact that such experiences have on their character formation.

The visit in 5 minutes!

What the Students had to say:

“I have become more responsible, aware of others around me and prioritizing everyone’s needs equally.”

“This mobility week gave me the opportunity to feel helpful towards others particularly my roommates. I helped with packing and unpacking of clothes and mostly I felt helpful when I encouraged others during presentations.”

“I learned how to spread my money evenly throughout the week and how to care for my belongings without losing them.”

“Presentations usually cause me anxiety but since all had to give presentations, I realized that all my friends felt the same and this helped me learn how to calm down. The presentations helped me learn to speak slower, louder, clearer and more confident.”

“Being without my parents’ left me no choice but to grow and become more independent which I am grateful for. I learnt how to not be shy and just ask for help when I need it.”

“Before this experience I was a very shy boy and almost scared to make new friends and talk to others. This week helped me be more responsible of myself and others together with my things.”

“As a person who has never been very confident, this mobility week has been extremely advantageous, not only for character formation but also educational purposes, At the beginning of the week none of us really knew each other properly and we weren’t very close, but as the week went on, one could see the bonds being formed and friendships being made. Thanks to the couple of hours everyday after dinner, where we would socialize and play games, we got to know each other in ways that I don’t think would be possible at school. This has helped us all become more confident around each other.”

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