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Mrieħel Wins Again at Embed and at the National eTwinning Competition!

Last year our students were involved in an e-Twinning project called Colours Matter. This was worked with European partners from The Netherlands, Belgium and Ukraine. This project was about colours around us. Pigments are responsible for many of the beautiful colours we see in the plant and animal world. Life is rich in bright colours, from the green of photosynthesizing plants to the various colours found on the body of several animals and humans. Colour plays a major role in the natural world such as mating, camouflage, or signalling danger. Colours signal harvest time, breeding conditions, and the change of seasons, from the first greens of spring to the brilliant reds and browns of autumn. Humans make all sorts of colour choices every day. The colours that surround us, directly and indirectly, affect the way we think, the way we respond and behave, and the mood that we’re in. Why do we tend to choose or prefer one colour over another? Are colours perceived in the same way by all? How do colours influence living organisms?

This project was awarded 1st prize in e-Twinning National Competition and 1st Prize in the Digital Embed Competition.

A big well done to our students and to the energetic, creative and enthusiastic team of teachers leading the project – Ms. Joanna Armeni, Ms. Romina Briffa and Ms. Nathalie Scerri.eTwin1 eTwin2 eTwin3 eTwin4

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