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Photography Outing & Competition

The SDP group Information Technology & Digital Literacy organised a full day workshop in Valletta, during which 26 students had the opportunity to learn about photography, mainly about the best ways to shoot photos related to landscape, macro, architecture and detail. The workshop was led by Ms Lourdes Wain, assisted by Mr Andre` Bugeja and by Mr Abner Bugeja.

The students were taught that they can do photography with even the simplest of cameras. The day started off by a brief talk about the basic knowledge and fundamental techniques of photography. They were given hints on how to focus on details in order to capture a great picture. This was followed by a walk in Valletta, during which the students were free to take as many photos as they wanted. At home, each student had the task of choosing the best 4 photos, possibly one per category; these photos were to be sent to the SDP group members as part of a competition.

96 photos were sent, of which 22 were shortlisted, as shown in the following video:


The four best photos, one per category, as chosen by the judges were:

Winner Category Architecture – Photo by Kristen Gauci 3.3


Winner Category Macro – Photo by Kayla Formosa 3.3


Winner Category Details – Photo by Chanel Azzopardi 3.2


Winner Category Landscape – Photo by Kristen Gauci 3.3


All the students showed interest and enthusiasm during this activity. A proof of this is the high level of photos sent by each student. Well done to all participants.

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