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Physical Education and Sport

Our mission is to give young people a solid, enjoyable start to Sport and Physical Activity since it is the best way to develop a healthy lifestyle and stimulate lifelong participation. The School’s ethos works towards all aspects of education of an individual including: care, opportunity and quality.


The PHE lessons aim to:

  • Present sport and physical activity as an integral part of their daily routine;
  • Provide fun and enjoyable activities in line with the PE curriculum;
  • Teach new skills and educate for leisure.
  • Individual Sport: Athletics, Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming.
  • Team Game: Badminton, Basketball, Football, Handball, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee.
  • Outdoor Adventure: Trekking, Orienteering, Tent pitching, Cycling, Team Building, Climbing.
  • Fitness: The 4S’s and related fitness components.
  • Break Activities: Dance, team games, athletics etc.




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