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SciChallenge2017 Competition

SciChallenge2017 is a European-wide contest for young people, who are excited about NATURAL SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING or MATHEMATICS

4 teams from our school took part in this competition. They were helped by the eTwinning Club teachers. Below are the videos submitted by each team. After the 1st phase of the competition, the first 2 videos have been selected to compete in the 2nd phase. Goodluck!

The Green City – Emma Charlene Cassar, Martina Gatt & Daniela Yousif (Year 9)

How Microbeads May Be Poisoning The Planet – Michela Cassar, Sarah Galea, Jody Morris & Nicole Galea (Year 10)

Vertical Farms & Vertical Gardens – Nicole Spiteri & Tamayra Schembri (Year 9)

Be Smart, Don’t Start – Shania Cardona & Valerie Buhagiar (Year 9)

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