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The Green Club at our school’s West End Wildlife Garden

As part of the school’s Dinja Wahda project, a group of students has been meeting all scholastic year 2017-18, every Monday and Wednesday, to tend to our school’s wildlife garden. This garden, started in 2004, is now a mature and lush green oasis that is home to a vast range of indigenous flora and fauna.

One of the first tasks carried out in October was to prune the Silvery Ragwort bushes, stimulating a vigorous burst of renewed growth later on in the year.

It is a slow process  that requires patience, but it’s all hands on deck so work gets done quicker!

Members planted a number of new shrubs in the reading area in winter, adding to the garden’s rich ecosystem.

Regular watering, using water from an underground reservoir, ensures that once planted, these shrubs thrive. This is especially true during dry spells.

The reading area also required regular weeding, which often proved repetitive and physically tasking.

Green Club members also cleared up branches broken during stormy weather, keeping the place safe and accessible.

The effort is well worth it, as students and teachers alike can enjoy some quiet time off in tranquil and natural surroundings. Feel free to visit!

Report by Mr Sandro Borg,
Dinja Wahda co-ordinator at St. Theresa Sec. School

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