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At Saint Theresa Secondary School Library we have one single aim – matching our users with a book they will love. We believe after all that we are educating those who will make a difference in the world tomorrow!

All our users are issued with a library card which allows them to borrow 3 books at any one time, from our collection of over 10,000 titles. The lending process is fully computerised and the full resource list can be accessed online through our Online Public Access Catalogue. This can be found at http://schlib481.mriehel.sls.gov.mt/oliver/libraryHome.do

Recently our main focus has been in increasing the number of fiction books for Intermediate readers, while weeding books from the Junior section which are no longer suitable for our users We have also spent a substantial amount of money diversifying our collection in order to make it more attractive to boys who will start attending our school as from the start of the next scholastic year.


The Library

The Library itself is divided into a number of sections.

Reading Books (Intermediate Fiction)

The bulk of our collection consists of Fiction books suitable for young adult users (ages 12 to 16). While the majority of our collection consists of books in English we also have a good number of books in Maltese as well as a smaller number of books in Italian, French, Spanish and German. These books can be borrowed for a period of three weeks, which may be extended once. In other words if you haven’t finished your book and would like to extend the loan period, just visit the library and let us know. If books are not retuned after the three week loan period is over, users will receive an email advising them to return the overdue book/s. After the third warning the library reserves the right to withdraw the user’s borrowing privileges for a period of one month.

Information Books (Non-Fiction)

The library also contains a sizeable collection of information books covering a wide variety of subjects relating both to curricular subjects as well as many other topics of general interest to our users. These books may also be borrowed for a period of three weeks. Information books are classified using the Dewey decimal System, which divides information into ten basic topics, assigning a number between 1 and 999 to each.


Dewey Decimal System


Our library boasts a very good Melitensia (books about, or related to Malta) collection which is available to our users. These books may be used in the library or borrowed over-night.

The reference Section of our library contains books, including dictionaries and encyclopaedias, which may not be taken out of the library. These books can easily be identified as they all have a blue spine label.

Opening Times

The library is always open during both breaks. The library will also be open during most lessons, but please consult the Library timetable which will be posted at the start of the School Year. During free lessons students are encouraged to come to the library to do research or borrow books. Up to six students from any one class may come to the library after they have completed the relevant form available from the library. The form needs to be signed by both the librarian and the teacher in charge of the class.

Other Services

The School library also provides a number of other services.

Students may photocopy up to ten pages from any one library book, for their own personal research needs. The library will not photocopy personal items or multiple copies of items.

Past papers.

The Library provides students with past papers at a nominal price. These may also be downloaded from the relevant sites.

Text Books

An important part of the duty of the school library is the distribution and collection of text-books. Please note that while we do our very best to ensure that textbooks provided to students are in good condition it is impossible for us to vet each and every book. Please let us know if there are any problems and we will do our best to find you a better copy. On the other hand please also keep in mind that you are responsible for the books you have been given and must return them in good condition at the end of the year. Any unreturned textbooks will need to be replaced or paid for.


Remember if you do have any questions the librarians are always more than happy to help you. Also if you enjoy books and reading, as well as helping others, why not consider becoming a Library Helper? Ask at the library if you would like to find out more.

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