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Tools for Creating Interactive Presentation Content

Wand Tool:

www.wand.education is an online lesson builder designed for teachers. This tool allows teachers to easily create online lessons in the form of self-contained interactive learning activities. Digital lessons can be used during a lesson or can be assigned as homework or extra work. Wand enables teachers to monitor and collect feedback from student responses. Teachers can also share digital lessons with their peers as well as edit and adapt already existing lessons.

 Applying for a Wand License

Educators who are interested in using this tool are being given the opportunity by the Education Department to register for a free license as follows:

Teachers are to send an email to SIVECO  with the iLearn account to elearning@ilearn.edu.mt and include:

  • Email Subject: WAND
  • Name and Surname:
  • Identity Number:
  • School Sector: Secondary
  • School:
  • College:

Depending on license availability, SIVECO, the company behind this tool, will send an email (on iLearn account) to individual teachers informing them to activate their web-based license. The license has to be used within 3 months of applying or else license will be revoked.

Learning Apps

Much like Wand, www.learningapps.org provides a number of small self-contained and re-usable interactive applications that can be used online to support the learning and teaching processes. Apps can be used directly in learning materials, but also shared with students for self-studying. Apps are not complete lessons or tasks, but must be embedded in an appropriate teaching scenario. Teachers can edit and customise existing Apps or build Apps by using the existing templates. Learning apps provide immediate feedback to students however monitoring student progress via iLearn is not possible.

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