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Winners of the HSBC Water Quiz

Mrieħel Secondary School, that is part of St. Theresa College, has won the first ever HSBC Water Quiz. A team of ten Form 3 students participated in this water conversation quiz. This quiz was part of the HSBC Water Programme – Catch the Drop Campaign.

Twenty three schools, including state, church and independent schools, participated in this event. Thirty water-related questions were asked to every participating school and in the end the Mrieħel Girls managed to win the competition. The school got awarded a prize of €2,500. These funds will be utilised in a water conservation related project.

The winning team, together with the rest of students participating in the school-based Geo Club are looking forward to start working on a water conservation project that can be implemented at their school. This, will not only increase awareness on the problem of water scarcity in the Maltese islands amongst the students but empower them to be active contributors in conserving water, the most precious natural resource on Earth.

Well done to all the students and to Ms Mizzi who coordinated and helped the students prepare!

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