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Year 10 Students’ English Survey with Tourists

Two of our Year 10 classes have recently taken to Valletta’s Republic Street to carry out an English survey with tourists. This project requires students to work in a group, where they decide on a topic and formulate a related questionnaire to use in a survey with tourists. As an improvement over previous years, students were encouraged to make greater use of digital technology by carrying out the survey using specialised apps on smartphones or I-pads.  Results are then presented in class using Power Point presentations.

This activity aims to promote group work and improve students’ confidence and public-speaking abilities. Moreover, the Teaching and Learning aspect of the SDP comes into play as this is a student-driven activity that puts to use relevant and innovative digital technology. Students also learn to use basic quantitative and qualitative research skills and interpret resulting data.

Written by Mr Sandro Borg, English Teacher

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