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Year 11 Career Guidance Services for 2020 2021


Instructions on how to access our career guidance services.

As from week starting 26th October 2020, the career guidance team will be starting the individual sessions with the Year 11 students. The following are the ways in which the students can access our services.

  1. We will be issuing a weekly schedule with appointments for all Year 11 students. This schedule will be available in each Year 11 class.
  2. Moreover, a Career Guidance group is currently being created on MS Teams. When this group is ready, we will be making the students’ schedule of appointments available also on MS Teams. We will be sending a link to each student and it is very important for the students to accept the link and join the group. Besides the students’ individual appointment, we will also be uploading important information and educational videos related to careers, decision-making skills and post-secondary information.
  3. Sessions will be carried out by appointment only. It is very important that the students keep these appointments. If in case of emergency, the students need to change the appointment, they can do so either through the career guidance group on MS Teams, through email or through the phone. The table below shows our contact details and the classes which the particular career guidance teacher will be covering.

Career Guidance TeamEmail addressTelephone numberYear 11 Classes distributed to each Career Advisor/Teacher
Jessica Borg (Career Advisor)Jessica.borg.13@ilearn.edu.mt2598 5526Class 5.3 Class 5.9 Class 5.10
Michelle Farrugia (Career Advisor)Michelle.farrugia.13@ilearn.edu.mt2598 5522First 10 students of 5.1 Class 5.2 First 10 students of 5.5
Charmaine Galea (Career Guidance Teacher)charmaine.galea@ilearn.edu.mt21577940Class 5.7 Class 5.1
Emma Sammut (Career Guidance Teacher)emmanuela.sammut@ilearn.edu.mt21577940Class 5.5 Class 5.6
Ivan Fenech (Career Guidance Teacher)ivan.fenech@ilearn.edu.mtN/AClass 5.4 Class 5.8

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