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Application for State School Transport

For the 2nd year, the online school transport application process is being launched in order to book school transport for Scholastic Year 2018/2019.

The parent/legal guardian can access directly to the application by logging on edu.gov.mt/freetransport and then follow the instructions accordingly. Another method is by logging on the Education website on www.education.gov.mt and select the SCHOOL TRANSPORT APPLICATION FORM link on the left side of the webpage under the APPLICATIONS heading. The parent/legal guardian is required to click on the LAUNCH FORM button after reading through the terms and conditions of the application. It is important that applicant uses the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser to access the website. The application does not work on the Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Please note that the application form is to be submitted by not later than Friday, 29th June 2018. Transport services will not be guaranteed for applications submitted beyond the closing date.

Please go through the following circular for further details about the school transport application:

For further instructions on how to apply for School Transport – State Schools (Maltese or English version available) the following may be downloaded:

DS&S 70 2018 Instructions to Apply for the School Transport (2)



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